Lauren Degenstein

Master of Science in Textiles & Clothing

Supervisor: Dr. Rachel McQueen

Dissertation Title: Integrating product stewardship into the clothing and textile industry: A New Zealand case study

My research focuses on environmental sustainability within the clothing and textile industry, particularly how waste and resource use can be reduced through textile product stewardship. Using a case study approach, the purpose of my research is to examine the practical steps taken by an organization working towards the implementation of a product stewardship model and to identify potential challenges and strategies for integrating a product stewardship for clothing and textiles.

Publications or other research contributions 

Degenstein, L. (2018). Biodegradable vs. non-biodegradable textiles: Environmental impacts under standard landfill conditions. Journal of the Home Economics Institute of Australia. 25(1): 18-23.

Degenstein, L. M., McQueen, R. H., McNeill, L. S., Hamlin, R. P., Wakes, S. J., & Dunn, L. A. (2020). Impact of physical condition on disposal and end‐of‐life extension of clothing. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 44(6), 586-596.

McNeill, L. S., Hamlin, R. P., McQueen, R. H., Degenstein, L. Garrett, T.C., Dunn, L., & Wakes, S. (2020). Fashion sensitive young consumers and fashion garment repair: Emotional connections to garments as a sustainability strategy. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 44(4), 361-368.

McNeill, L. S., Hamlin, R. P., McQueen, R. H., Degenstein, L. Wakes, S., Garrett, T.C., & Dunn, L. (2020). Waste not want not: Behavioural intentions toward garment life extension practices, the role of damage, brand and cost on textile disposal. Journal of Cleaner Production, 260, Epub ahead of print.

McQueen, R. H., Kowton, J., & Degenstein, L. M. (2020). Smell and sustainability: Can odour shorten the life span of clothing? In L. McNeill (Ed)., Transitioning to Sustainability: Transitioning to Responsible Consumption and Production. MDPI: Basel, Switzerland.

Curriculum vitae