Razak Oduro

Doctor of Philosophy

Supervisor: Dr. Deanna Williamson

Dissertation Title: Organizing against poverty in Edmonton: A critical ethnographic study of EndPovertyEdmonton (EPE) Movement.

My research examines antipoverty efforts and social movement-building approach of EndPovertyEdmonton (EPE) to eliminate poverty in Edmonton. In the context of poverty, social movement organizing refers to groups of actors working together as a collective and in a coordinated manner to change fundamental structures that reinforce poverty. Using a critical ethnographic approach, the study will generate in-depth descriptions of the dynamics, contexts, and strategies of antipoverty organizing in Edmonton by focusing on the EndPovertyEdmonton movement.

Publications and pother research contributions:

Oduro, R. (2016). Vulnerability and social protection in Ghana: The Case of Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty. A report on enhancing knowledge for renewed policies against poverty submitted to the European Commission, Accra: Ghana Centre for Democratic Development.

Oduro R. & Amanfo, R. O. (2016). Advancing out of poverty in Ghana: The role of the livelihood empowerment against poverty (LEAP) program. Policy Brief. Accra: Ghana Centre for Democratic Development

Oduro, R. (2015). Beyond Poverty Reduction: Conditional Cash Transfers and Citizenship in Ghana. International Journal for Social Welfare 24(1), 27-36.

Dako-Gyeke., M. & Oduro., R. (2013). Effects of Household Size on Cash Transfer Utilization for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Rural Ghana. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2 (1), 239-251