Md. Saiful Hoque

Doctor of Philosophy

Supervisor: Dr. Patricia Dolez

Thesis (working) Title: Predicting the end-of-life of the fabric used in fire protective fabric

The area of the research corresponds to current issues encountered with protective clothing against heat and flame, which include materials aging, lack of comfort, and protection against toxic combustion gases. For instance, intense heat and other severe conditions sustained by protective clothing against heat and flame in service cause a premature aging of the high-performance fibers; what makes it even more worrisome is that there are sometimes no visible clues before the loss in performance has reached a dangerous level.

As part of his doctoral research project, Saiful studies the aging behavior of fabrics used as outer shell in protective clothing against heat and flame to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms and kinetics of degradation resulting from exposure to conditions encountered in service. He will also develop predictive models of the residual performance of the fabrics as a result of use.

Publications or other research contributions

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Poster Presentations:

1. Hoque, M. S., Saha, A., Dolez, P. I.,(2020, March). Effect of Moisture on High-Performance Fiber-An Experimental Study. ALES GSA Symposium, University of Alberta, Canada.