Jemma Forgie

Master of Science in Textiles & Clothing (Thesis based)


Dr. Patricia Dolez

Working thesis title: Electrospun self-decontaminating chemical protective barrier for firefighter protective clothing

Firefighters are at high risk of cancer, as they are exposed to carcinogenic substances while working. Their current protective clothing does not protect against the carcinogenic gases and vapours they are exposed to. This research will develop a thin, fire-resistant membrane via electrospinning to protect against these harmful gases and vapours. The membrane will be placed inside the firefighter suit to trap vaporous particles and turn harmful gases into inert byproducts. This project will determine the parameters needed to create this membrane and test for its decontamination efficiency and overall durability.


Forgie, J. R. P; Arrendondo, O. R.; Labonno, A. A.; de La Mata, A.P.; Harynuk, J. J.; Batcheller, J.; Dolez, P. I. (2022, Aug 26). Optimizing halogen uptake on self-decontaminating textile finish [Poster presentation]. Faculty of Science Undergraduate Poster Symposium, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Forgie, J. R. P. (2022, March). Is faux fur faux-sustainable? Environmental perspectives on the lifcycle of synthetic and natural fur textiles [Conference Presentation]. Festival of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Forgie, J. R. P. (2021, Aug). Do our clothes need sunscreen? Protection against UV aging in aramid fabrics [Conference presentation]. SMART Network summer student presentation day, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.