Graduate Student Achievements and Highlights

June 2022

  • Ph.D. student Saiful Hoque has published his first paper from his doctoral research. The article titled "Hydrothermal Aging of Fire-Protective Fabrics" is published in The Journal of Applied Polymer Science. This article offers a breakthrough finding regarding the aging of fire-protective fabrics. The results showed that sulfur present in larger amounts in some fibres as a residual from the fibre manufacturing process, may lead to the reduced mechanical performance of some fire-protective fabrics over time when exposed to water. The finding has a major impact on manufacturers of flame-resistant fibres/fabrics as well as on end-users of fire-protective clothing and personal equipment. Well done Saiful!

May 2022

April 2022

  • Congratulations to McKenna Oleksuik for successfully defending her Master's thesis on April 12!

March 2022

February 2022

  • Chelsea Freeborn successfully completed her doctoral candidacy on February 3rd. Congratulations Chelsea. This is an important milestone along the road to your doctorate!

January 2022

  • Congratulations to Elena Kosareva for passing her candidacy exam on January 27th. This is such an important milestone!
  • Congratulations Skylar Brown for successfully defending her MSc thesis on January 25th. Well done!
  • Welcome to our new graduate students:
    • Material Culture: Lucia Gago Ross & Siming Guo
    • Textiles and Clothing: Elham Kaviannasab

December 2021

  • Congratulations to Razak Oduro for successfully defending his doctoral thesis, which is entitled Organizing Against Poverty in Edmonton: A Case Study of EndPovertyEdmonton Movement Organization. This is such an awesome achievement. The findings from Razak's research provide new insights about social movements that organize on the basis of poverty and that emerge from within institutions, both of which are understudied dimensions of social movements. As well, Razak's dissertation offers recommendations for EndPovertyEdmonton to consider in their ongoing efforts to build a movement to eliminate poverty within a generation. Razak recently started working as a policy analyst with Alberta Health.
  • Doctoral student Laura Munevar-Ortiz was the first author of a study evaluating the effect of smaller-sized specimens in tear strength tests. The manuscript has now been published in ASTM's Journal of Testing and Evaluation. The findings open new opportunities for researchers to obtain meaningful results even when working with fabrics in limited supply, for instance when working with prototype fabric samples or specimens collected from used garments.
    • Munevar-Ortiz, L., Batcheller, J., & Dolez, P I. (2021). Influence of Specimen Size on the Tear Strength of Fabrics by the Trapezoid Procedure. Journal of Testing and Evaluation. DOI: 10.1520/JTE20210357.

November 2021

  • Congratulations to Josephine Bolaji for successfully completing her candidacy exam. This is such an important milestone, so well done Josephine!
  • Super cool to listen to our very own Saiful Hoque discuss his research on the podcast Learn Real Good in this episode - "Protecting Firefighters From Water with Saiful Hoque". Very interesting!

October 2021

  • Saiful Hoque has been awarded the Verna M Lefebvre Graduate Student Award from the Canadian Home Economics Foundation (CHEF-FCEF). This is the first year that the Graduate Student Award is being given in recognition of  Dr. Verna M Lefebvre who passed away in 2017. Congratulations Saiful. This recognition is well deserved!
  • Congratulations to Lara Pinchbeck, Saiful Hoque & Chelsea Freeborn for successfully completing their comprehensive exams!
  • Lara Pinchbeck is the 2021 recipient of the Margery Boyce Bursary from the Canadian Association on Gerontology. Lara was awarded the Margery Boyce Bursary for making an outstanding contribution in her field. Her application demonstrated academic merit, engagement and original thinking, and contributes to Gerontology research. Congratulations Lara for this achievement!

September 2021

  • Welcome to our new graduate students:
    • Material Culture: Karen Fraser & Qi Wang
    • Family Ecology and Practice: Elahe Ghanbarian, Kelty Heck, Rachel Munk, Vanessa Osei Bonsu & Wenran Li
    • Textiles and Clothing:  Anil Kumar, Anita Labonno, Jennifer Beaudette, Nadeesha Samaraweera & Shakil Mahmud