Josephine Bolaji

Doctor of Philosophy Supervisor: Dr. Patricia Dolez Dissertation title: Multidisciplinary approach to bra development for enhanced product performance and improved comfort. The existing mass-manufacture of bras no longer fits in today’s world because not everyone fits; and more importantly, the […]

Robyn Stobbs

Doctor of Philosophy Supervisor: Drs. Arlene Oak and Dinesh Rathi Dissertation title: (Im)material Worlds: An Exploration of Information and Materiality in World-Building for Tabletop Roleplaying Games My PhD research looks at how people engage with and make sense of fictional […]

Patricia Siferd

Doctor of Philosophy Supervisor: Dr. Julia Petrov Dissertation Title: “This little collection of rubbish”: A Biography of Lady Charlotte’s Fans Fans have been used globally for over 5000 years for practical reasons, like winnowing grain or signaling military personnel. They […]