Josephine Bolaji

Doctor of Philosophy Supervisor: Dr. Patricia Dolez Dissertation title: Multidisciplinary approach to bra development for enhanced product performance and improved comfort. The existing mass-manufacture of bras no longer fits in today’s world because not everyone fits; and more importantly, the […]

Jonathan Lai

Master of Science in Aging (Thesis based) Supervisor: Dr. Janet Fast Thesis title: The Risks of Workplace Ageism for an Ageing Labour Force Ageism in the workplace is a complex phenomenon that encompasses prejudices, acts of age discrimination, and cognitive biases […]

Elena Kosareva

Doctor of Philosophy Supervisor: Dr. Jane Batcheller Thesis working title: Development of wildland firefighters protective clothing systems with improved thermal insulation properties. Wildland firefighters risk their health to prevent fires from spreading by performing fatiguing activities (e.g., felling trees, removing […]